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jeudi 3 juin 2010

I've been tagged by...

... Dorotea from Amaranth makeup

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7 random facts:

-I love somali dress (Dirac)
-My second name is Laetitia
-When I was in college, I was a manga addict and my favorite one was GTO
-I have a PhD in jokes loooool
-I wish we could have a Nando's restaurant in France
-In Uni I studied History during 4 years
-I practiced basket ball during 8 years

I tag:

Lily from Paris
Sandra from if it comes in pink
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

11 commentaires:

  1. c'est génial ce truc!!
    ça permet de savoir des petites choses sur les blogueuses, GTO ex fan!
    Je suis une huge manga addict, it's lame a mon âge mais je m'en fous, je suis archi fan de Naruto (ou comment briser un début de réputation!!)
    Merci d'avoir partagé ces petites choses avec nous!

  2. Wow...that's something we didn't know! History and basketball?

  3. The PhD in jokes gave me belly aches! I like your humor. :)

  4. et ben! c pour ca wue je tadore ! comme tu t'appelle laetitia, tu es la joie de vivre aussi!! excellent ton phd n jokes!
    Not sure about nandos...
    big hugs

  5. merciiiii pour ton tag ma doudou

  6. Je te connais un peu plus grâce à ce tag... C sympa. ^^ Bisous.

  7. wow....Alhamdulillah!!! thank u darling!!! it's honor for me...luv u ^.^

  8. Thanks so much! what an honor. I will make a post soon =)

    Interesting facts too !I used to play basketball also, but I was not very good haha


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