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jeudi 3 juin 2010

I received some gifts from another blogger and...


I received some gift from another blogger, and I just wanna tell her THANK YOU LILOO TSUNIMEE. You are a pearl huny xoxo :)

She sent me this

I also received today what had ordered 3 weeks ago in the aim to organize my first contest.
I'm thinking about a great idea and hope you'll like it ;)Please if you wanna know more about the contest keep in touch in a few hour ;)

Lots of love
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

14 commentaires:

  1. tu as été bien gatée, tu vas nous en faire des beaux MU avec tout ça

  2. Thanks for coming to mine and so cool you like it and follow! I love make-up too and has been thinking of making a bit more make-up posts!

  3. yay, c est arrive sans etre cassé xx youpi xx

  4. the liquid liner looks good!

  5. ooohhh that palette looks very pigmented! am looking forward to the looks that you're going to do with it. :3

  6. oh great !!!!!!

    tu feras 1 review de cette palette !??? elle a l'air vraiment super !

    bisous !

  7. The green in that palette looks really nice! I'm sure you can't wait to use them in a pic tut.

  8. Yay! Everything looks great!

  9. Wow! Enjoy your goodies ;-) xoxo

  10. oh Liloo tu speak plus qu'en english maintenant ! ça va que je comprenne ^^
    elle a l'air très belle cette palette !

  11. Sublime, ces couleurs irisées sont fantastiques ! bravo pour le maquillage que tu as réalisé avec dans un de tes articles au dessus


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